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250 km. (156 miles) south of Lima lies Paracas, a windswept arid peninsula and site of one of Peru’s most renowned archaeological sites.

The Paracas Reserve, Peru’s largest coastal wildlife sanctuary, includes the Ballestas Islands, reached from Paracas by boat. These islands are home to thousands of resident and migratory sea birds, many endemic to the Humboldt Current. They include pelicans, boobies, cormorants, terns and gulls who share their habitat with herds of sea lions and fur seals. In the summer, condors are also frequent visitors and flamingoes occasionally pause at the bay.

Paracas and its charming hotel are ideal for a weekend getaway. From Paracas, an hour’s drive along the Panamericana highway takes the visitors south to Ica, a verdant oasis, home of Peru’s famous pisco grape brandy. Ica, 310 km. (194 miles) south of Lima, also houses a fine archaeological museum. Further south lies Nazca, situated in the Ica fertile valley irrigated by a pre-Hispanic aqueduct. It is a mandatory stopover for visitors to the famous lines and for travelers going by road to Lima, Arequipa or Cusco.

Site of the world famous ground markings preserved by Dr. Maria Reiche, these giant animal and geometric figures were etched on the desert sands by Nazca people 1,500 years ago. Best viewed from the air, flights over the markings can be arranged from either Ica, Nazca, or Lima.

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Day 01 / Lima – Ica

Drive 310 km. (194 miles) south along the Panamericana highway from Lima to Ica, through arid desert and lush coastal oasis. Arrive in Ica at midday for a short tour of the city. In the afternoon, fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines. Overnight at Las Dunas Resort.

Day 02 / Ica – Paracas – Lima
Drive 60 km. (37 miles) north to Paracas for an excursion by boat to the Ballestas Islands to view thousands of birds, sea lions and fur seals in their natural surroundings. The famous candlestick design, a Nazca civilization figure etched on the desert face, can also be seen from the boat. In the afternoon, a relaxing drive back to the hotel in Lima. (B)
* Daily departures.
* Seat-in-bus available with tour restrictions.