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Manu boasts more than 200 species of mammals, including 12 kinds of primates, more than 800 species of birds, the highest diversity of amphibians in the Amazon Basin, and more insect species in one tree than all the insect species recorded in the British Isles. The park is crossed by the 300 kms. (186 miles) long Manu River which flows in curves, skirting hills of several sizes. This meandering favors the formation of temporary and permanent lakes that provide an ideal refuge for many species of birds.

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 Day 01 / Cusco – Manu – Lodge

Depart Cusco in the early morning for a 45-minute flight to Boca Manu airstrip, at the mouth of the Manu River. Board your river boat for a 4-hour journey up the Manu River to the Manu Lodge for a chance to see, among others, large black caimans and maybe even a magnificent jaguar. Overnight at lodge. (L, D)

 Day 02 / Manu – Oxbow Juarez Lake

Morning excursion on the trails near Manu lodge. Enjoy the pristine Oxbow Juarez Lake that harbors communities of amazing birds, monkeys and caymans. Now and then families of giant otters visit the lake and troops of monkeys can be seen from the lodge. (B, L, D)

 Day 03 / Manu – Miradors
Dawn visits to miradors located near the lodge will reward you with the sighting of several species of primates and birds.
Afternoon boat excursion to a spectacular macaw and parrot roosting and nesting site. (B, L, D) *Optional canopy climbing.

 Day 04 / Manu

Boat ride to other trail systems and oxbow lakes, such as Lake Salvador where the visitors will take a catamaran lake excursion. Learn about the wide array of medicinal plants that grow in the rainforest. (B, L, D)

 Day 05 / Manu – Cusco
Boat transfer to Boca Manu airstrip for flight to Cusco. (B)
*Itinerary subject to change according to weather conditions.
*Macaw clay lick camping 2 day trips are available only with 8 day itineraries.