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Alta Tours can arrange a la carte programs with a special focus including botany, anthropology, folklore and Andean music, museums and colonial churches. No matter what your special interest, we can tailor any program to your needs. Here are some suggestions:

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Tailor made agriculture programs can be arranged for specialized groups interested in the different variety of products we export to other countries like cotton, asparagus, mangos, lucuma, etc. Lectures by specialists in this field can be also given.


Because of its tropical location and its large number of ecosystems, Peru is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Alta Tours can prepare customized birdwatching tours, led by expert ornithologists, to a variety of wildlife reserves and unique birdwatching areas, ranging from the tropical dry forest of northern Peru, to coastal wetlands filled with resident and migratory birds, to the imposing Andes and its majestic condor, and to the eastern flanks of the Andes and the lowland rainforest.


Peru, a privileged country claiming “megadiversity” status, has 84 of the 103 ecosystems in the world and 28 of the 32 climates on the planet. It offers also some of the best ecotourism destinations in areas like the pristine rainforests of Puerto Maldonado or the canopy walkway near Iquitos. On request, Alta Tours will furnish detailed itineraries, maps and lists of what to bring.


Roughly 35,000 species of plants exist in the Peruvian territory, over 20,000 have been indentified and the rest are endemic. There are around 900 species of orchids and also many types of medicine plants that have been extracted from forest trees, shrubs and flowers like “uña de gato” (cat nail), hallucinogenic plants like ayahuasca, etc. You can also find in the high Andes, rare plants like the Puya Raimondi, considered the world’s largest bromeliad, whith 8,000 inflore-scences and sizes of up to 10 meters.


The pre-Inca and Inca cultures of Peru created some of the most stunning artwork and monuments known to mankind. Alta Tours can tailor an itinerary to meet your interests in Peruvian archaeology, including visits to Peru’s major archaeological museums, slide lectures and visits to excavations in process, when possible.


Peru’s folk healers draw on their knowledge of the past to cure their “patients” in ceremonies imbued with a mixture of traditional medicine, Catholicism and the use of hallucinogens, like the San Pedro cactus.

Contemporary Andean weavers are heirs to a rich textile repertoire that goes back thousands of years. Alta Tours can arrange weaving workshops, lectures by weavers and textile experts and visits to Peru’s leading collections of ancient textiles. We can also organize excursions to some of Peru’s most famed weaving centers, like Chincheros near Cusco. For those interested in llamas and alpacas, tours to camelid breeding stations and modern factories in Arequipa and Lima can also be arranged.